New laptop and vista

  tiscalitrev 08:56 25 Aug 09

Hi, Have just ordered a new Toshiba laptop preloaded with Vista home basic.
The laptop will not be used until Christmas! Do I need to do anything now? Is Vista like Xp and needs to be activated? If so can it wait until christmas or need to be activated now?
One final question, do all new vista machines now come with free update to Windows 7?

  birdface 09:10 25 Aug 09

[do all new vista machines now come with free update to Windows] .
Only if they offered you it with a free upgrade.

  chub_tor 09:35 25 Aug 09

You do not need to activate Vista before Christmas as long as you don't switch the laptop on and start to go through the Setup procedure. If you think about it machines sit in the warehouse and in the store for months sometimes without needing to be activated. Personally I would switch it on and make sure that the laptop works as your warranty started from the moment that you bought it, then you will need to activate it.

If you look at this link click here you will see that you cannot upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Windows 7, that is why you weren't offered it.

  mooly 12:13 25 Aug 09

If you do use it and put it away again be sure to take the battery out afterwards. Don't power it up with no battery in either.

  tiscalitrev 13:19 25 Aug 09

Thanks for replies. I am planning to switch it on to test it is Ok, so will obviously have to activate it. Shame about no update to Win 7.
Mooly, I was also planning to recharge the battery about once every 2-3 weeks, but leave it in the laptop inbetween, is that Ok or are you saying leave the battery out until Christmas.

  mooly 17:51 25 Aug 09

If you are storing it I would leave the battery out I think on balance.
The thinking on what's best varies. Once you bring a battery into service it should be fully charged before using it, then run it down to around the cut off point. So I would do that, perhaps twice, then take the battery out and store it somewhere cool.
A fully charged battery will lose perhaps 0.5 to 1% charge per day if left unused.

  mooly 17:52 25 Aug 09

Just to add... store it charged, NOT discharged.

  tiscalitrev 08:45 26 Aug 09

Thanks all. Now ticking as resolved.

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