new laptop screen goes white

  adesu 12 Jun 11

I just bought a new screen on Ebay and installed it with out any difficulty. However on starting it up the top half of the screen is quite bright while the bottom half is completely dark. That disappears and the windows XP screen appears as normal but after approx 35 - 40 secs it disappears and and a bright screen slowly appears with a pattern of faded dots in the background and a few coloured vertical lines running down it. Would anybody please have the remotest idea as to what the problem would be? I have linked it to an external monitor and everything works fine. If it’s not the screen, what else could it be?. Your advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

  rossgolf 12 Jun 11

If you say it works ok linked to an external monitor then the only real problem is the screen

  chub_tor 12 Jun 11

With a bit of luck it will be a connection problem so you might want to check again the installation when you changed the screen. But why did you change the screen in the first place?

  adesu 12 Jun 11

I dropped the laptop and broke the screen. I'll check again the installation. I just find it strange that it starts up fine then fades away. Thank you for both the replies.

  woodchip 12 Jun 11

looks like you should return it

  chub_tor 12 Jun 11

If you dropped it then it is quite possible that you have loosened a component such as a connector that goes to the laptop screen but not to the external display port. When you check your installation again pay careful attention to make sure that all the connections are good. When you are certain that you have checked everything if it still has the white screen problem then follow Woodchip's advice and return the screen to the eBay supplier.

  adesu 13 Jun 11

Thank you all for your advice. I've checked the connections and they seem fine. I think the only option is to return it. Thanks again. Regards


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