New Laptop Advice Appreciated

  Durko 12:06 12 Sep 07

Before I switch on and boot up my new Advent laptop for the very first time, are there any practical nuggets of laptop advice I should apply? OS is Vista Premium.


  Diodorus Siculus 12:14 12 Sep 07

Just boot it up and follow the instructions which will guide you through everything :)

After that, have a look at some of the practicalitites of looking after the battery.

  Acx 12:20 12 Sep 07

First time I booted a Vista laptop it took 30-45 mins to get to the desktop (at times I thought it had frozen).

  lil27 12:41 12 Sep 07


Ensure you create a system restore disk straight after boot up and set up of vista.

It automatically started the disc creation software when i set my new laptop up recently.

  Durko 14:00 12 Sep 07

Thanks for the advice everyone.


  silverous 14:15 12 Sep 07

Create recovery disks if you didn't get disks with it.

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