New install of XP

  wotbus@ 17:02 28 Jul 06

I have just installed XP Home OEM [Fr] on a 2nd PC, using the HDD which was in-situ. During the installation there was nothing to indicate that the HDD would be erased/reformatted etc, just a message to say some programs may not work! I was under the impression that a new install would clean the disc and I would end up with just the new OS but not so - the old programs were there as well, which I don't want. Should I have erased/reformatted or whatever before running the new install and if so, how do I go about it ?

  VoG II 17:06 28 Jul 06

You've obviously done a repairt install.

How to install XP click here

  wotbus@ 17:08 28 Jul 06

Hi VoG™. I was careful not to choose the repair option but new install option. I will study your link - thanks.

  wotbus@ 17:10 28 Jul 06

Ahhhh - well spotted Bruce ;-). I did think of setting Boot from CD drive but dropped the CD in first to see what would happen. Just took it from there :-)
Nice one for a sunny Friday afternoon - thanks for the help.

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