new ide drive install not recognised.

  jack 10:28 16 Nov 05

I know this topic has been aired very recently- however the search panel is erroring- at the moment.
So here goes.
system 2000 Pro.

Ide 0 has master[C] and zip drive.
Ide 1 has 2 optical.
The plan is to replace the Zip with another harddrive.
When istalled Bios says yup new Maxtor drive
Device manager say maxtor there
Drive does not come up on My computer however.
I suspect it is a Formatting issue - but How?

  mgmcc 13:25 16 Nov 05

<<< I suspect it is a Formatting issue >>>

It is most likely to be because the drive hasn't been PARTITIONED

Once partitioned, it should be displayed with a drive letter and can be formatted within Windows by right clicking and selecting "Format".

Boot with a Windows 98 "boot floppy" and use FDISK to partition the drive.

  woodchip 13:40 16 Nov 05

Hears how if it works like XP, you can check. in Control Panel Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disc Manager

  dan11 14:14 16 Nov 05

Windows 2000 is exactley the same as XP for formatting a new hard drive.

Right click my computer, pick manage and then disk management. Look in the right hand window. Your new drive should be listed. Right click on the un-allocated space. Pick format, if available. Or create new partition.

This will start the wizard to prepare the drive.

  mgmcc 19:20 16 Nov 05

<<< Windows 2000 is exactly the same as XP for formatting a new hard drive >>>

I wasn't sure if 2000 had the same Disk Management feature as XP, although the last time I used it with a slave drive in XP Pro, it insisted in initialising the new hard disk as a Dynamic disk! If I'd known it was going to do that, with no option, I would have used FDISK in DOS!

  jack 21:53 16 Nov 05

Thank you all.
I presented my question just as it was explained.
When I rraived and saw the 2000 layout I knew exactly what to do- strange isn't it how ever precisely some things are explained over the phone as in this case
the mental picture isnt drawn.
I have also done it the FDISK way in the past too
but it didn't click.
Thanks again

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