New heatsink - no POWER! - Please HELP!!

  toon_mad 20:05 11 Nov 08

Hi, as spartacus may know, i recently bought a new blue orb II, which unfortunately required the removal of my motherboard. Well today i gained the courage of doing it myself, with disaster so far. It may be a small problem but im lost!

So, i took the precautions, wrist strap, anti static bags, carefully removed all my PCI cards, removed old heatsink, removed old thermal paste, applied new, screwed in new brackets for the blue orb, sat it on (the bottom touches the cpu core), fastened the motherboard back on my case, inserted pCI cards, connected all the cables back (hopefully all), connected the fan, all looks good to go, i click power button from case, nothing! The motherboard shows the green led, and the I/O on/off button on the back of the tower glows orange.

Im lost in regards to the bottom right of my case, i need to insert the power, reset, pled, connection things, but i dont know which way or where they go. The manual shows nothing.

Hopefully it is just a cable missing, and i havnt blown the motherboard.

Please help, thanks in advance!

my spec:

Asus P5N-E SLI
Palit 8800GT
4x1Gb Corsair
Thermaltake Blue Orb II
Creative Sound Card
Apevia X-Cruiser

Thanks again

  I am Spartacus 20:17 11 Nov 08

You should have the Asus QConnector, the white block that takes the various connections and fits only one way into the motherboard. Inserted correctly you'll see the PLED+ in one corner and Speaker at the other on the top side.

Underneath you'll see a PWR with a Ground connector next to that which is where your power button connects and the case connectors should be labelled similarly, plug those 2 connectors in.

Do the same with the case connectors labelled Reset & Ground, same for the speaker, hopefully each one of these will be wired either into a 2 or 4 pin case connector.

There should be left the connectors for the IDE LEDs, one marked + the other -

  beeuuem 20:26 11 Nov 08

If you look at this manual page 50 - 51 shows the connections you are looking for.

  toon_mad 20:27 11 Nov 08

there never was a white block QConnector, just the little connectors.

I know this isnt my motherboard, but mine looks a bit like click here where they just slide on.

Thanks for your reply

  toon_mad 20:27 11 Nov 08

there never was a white block QConnector, just the little connectors.

I know this isnt my motherboard, but mine looks a bit like click here where they just slide on.

Thanks for your reply

  beeuuem 20:28 11 Nov 08

Sorry, the address is click here

  toon_mad 20:33 11 Nov 08

I cant dload that file beeuuem, im on 1kb dload speeds here on my brothers pc! hence the last double post

  I am Spartacus 20:35 11 Nov 08

Yes, the manual is showing the same connections as I've tried to describe above and you should have got the QConnector but maybe the system builder didn't bother to include it. You don't need it but it makes it a lot easier.

I have a spare one you can have plus spares for the USB and Firewire quick connectors too.

  toon_mad 20:40 11 Nov 08

the manual is hard to understand, and i guess he left it out, ive never seen that QConnector thing before. Thanks, i only need that QConnector thing though, im not sure what the firewire and usb connectors are for (the same i guess).

Ill try and connect these exactly as you said, if still nothing id be very happy if you could send them.

Cheers spartacus...

  I am Spartacus 20:45 11 Nov 08

Give me a few minutes to take one apart and I'll try and describe the pin positions on the motherboard.

  I am Spartacus 20:55 11 Nov 08

Starting top left (facing the motherboard, with the white connectors at your bottom right):

Pin 1 - PLED+
Pin 2 - blank
Pin 3 - PLED-
Pin 4 - blank
Pin 5 - blank
Pin 6 - blank
Pin 7 - +5V
Pin 8 - Not used
Pin 9 - Not used
Pin 10 - Speaker

Note pins 7 - 10 on top row are for the speaker

Starting from bottom left:

Pin 1 - IDE LED+
Pin 2 - IDE LED-
Pin 3 - blank
Pin 4 - blank
Pin 5 - blank
Pin 6 - PWR
Pin 7 - Ground
Pin 8 - blank
Pin 9 - Reset
Pin 10 - Ground

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