New HDD Acer Aspitr T160 Desktop

  GRADA69 15:30 30 Jun 12

I have been asked to assist with an Acer Asire that the hard drive (SATA 200Gb) had died on. I had a spare 80Gb PATA hard drive that I am trying to load XP on. It starts with the normal Inspection and copying but instead of installing XP it goes back to the inspecting/ copying routine. Could it be we will need to get an Acer Restore/Recovery disk before continueing. Thanks in advance for any help.

  KRONOS the First 16:38 30 Jun 12

Why are you using a IDE/pata drive instead of getting hold of a Sata? That aside I do not think you need to get the Acer restore disk, I am assuming that by that question one was on made originally?

Have you formatted the 80GB drive? Are you sure that it is OK? as 80GB are quite old drives these days.

  GRADA69 22:05 30 Jun 12

PATA was available while waiting for a new SATA drive, it is formatted and had been used as a second drive in another machine until yesterday. Acer are one of the Makers that make life difficult if you want upgrade, Toshiba and ESystems do something similar.

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