New Harddrive - need help

  Groove_remover 15:18 03 Jan 03
  Groove_remover 15:18 03 Jan 03

I have bought a 120GB harddrive and want to copy or transfer the files on the current drive to the new one. I can't leave the old drive in as it is being returned.
Do I have to reinstall XP and all the programs or is there another way to do it

  cherria 15:31 03 Jan 03

Is the new 120GB identical to the old drive you're returning?

If so I think I remember reading that boot magic allows you to make an exact image copy from 1 disk to another, there may be other cheaper options.

  ^wave^ 15:32 03 Jan 03

to get a good install yes you are better starting from scatch. you should back up your data and then then just copy it back

  woodchip 15:42 03 Jan 03

Drive Image will make a copy It does not matter if the disc partition is different size it will adjust to compensate

  woodchip 15:43 03 Jan 03

PS about £25 at PCworld

  THOMAS 16:36 03 Jan 03

Install the new HDD as a slave drive,go to start run and type in cmd.Type in cd\ and hit enter.type in xcopy c:\ d:\ /c/h/e/k/r I assume that that your old HDD is C and the new drive is D if not change the drive letters to suit.This will copy all of data from the old drive to the new one.After all data has ben transfered remove the old drive and install the HDD as master and reboot.If i was you i would erase all data on the old drive before parting with it.
Cant understand why people dont use xcopy more,it is simple to use and costs nothing.

  DieSse 17:42 03 Jan 03

The reason why xcopy is not a good way to do it

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