New Hard Drive Query

  Osama Bin Shoppin 13:15 25 May 05

Afternoon All,

I have just bought myself a new 160Gb Barracuda hard drive as my old 60Gb Seagate is almost full.

My question is this: what is the best way of adding my new hard drive? Options as i see them is to just add it as a slave drive in one big partition, clone my current hard drive onto the new drive as its new and has an 8mb buffer so should run a little quicker or do something else entirely.

What would u guys reccomend?

OS - XP Pro SP2

  Monument 14:22 25 May 05

Personally I would stick it in as a slave. You can never have enough storage space.

I would then use it to back up all your data.

I would then reformat and reinstall XP onto the 60GB drive.

  wobblymike 14:28 25 May 05

I agree with Monument but would recommend that you partition your new slave drive I would do it something like this:

20 Gb - documents and data
40 GB - music
40 Gb - photography
40 Gb - video
20 GB - image of your C drive in its pristine condition with OS and Apps loaded

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