New Hard Drive Not Displayed in My Computer

  Murielson 1 13:17 01 Jul 08

Installed new, additional hard drive into system running on Win XP and it isn't showing in My Computer when I try and find it. It is a Seagate 250GB into an Advent T9107: click here

Hopefully just a setting I need to adjust but would appreciate thoughts/advice on what may be the problem please.

Many thanks

  PO79 13:22 01 Jul 08

You need to format the drive.

Right click "My computer"

Select "Manage"

Select "Disk Management"

Right click the new drive and select "Format"

On completion the drive will show inb My Computer.

  babybell 13:24 01 Jul 08

It may be a conflict of drive letters.

Right click on my computer and click 'Manage'. Under storage, click 'Disk Management'

In there it should show you the hard drives attached to your computer. Select the new one and right click where it says the drive letter and click 'change drive letter'

Choose something like Z for example and see if that helps

  interzone55 13:24 01 Jul 08

You'll need to format it before the My Computer can show the drive

Go to Control Panel \ Administrative Tools \ Computer Management \ Disk Management

This will give a window showing all drives on your system. Select your new drive, right-click it and chose format. You want to format it either in Fat32 or NTFS, either will work fine with XP, for simplicities sake chose the same format as your other drive - this will be shown in the same window.

click here

  Binnacle 13:48 01 Jul 08
  Seth Haniel 14:02 01 Jul 08

a 'jumper pin' setting so current drive is 'Master' and second drive is 'Slave'

  T0SH 14:24 01 Jul 08

Before any of the above, with a new first use hard drive, you will need to initialise the drive in Disk Management by right clicking on the drive number "Disk x" and choose initialise

Cheers HC

  jack 14:27 01 Jul 08

Home and dry.
Seth Haniel wrote
"'jumper pin' setting so current drive is 'Master' and second drive is 'Slave'"
Make sure you do that first.
Then as Alan 14 and PO79 suggest Format it.

  interzone55 15:01 01 Jul 08

Seeing as any new drive is most likely to be SATA, there is no need to check for Master / Slave jumpers, as SATA only has one drive per cable.

I'm only saying this to stop Murielson 1 panicking if they can't find any jumpers on the drive...

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