New Hard Drive

  Dazwm 18:11 26 May 03

I want to buy a new hard drive because mine is only 30GB. I want about 80GB and am willing to spend about £100. Can anyone recommend a good one/make and what I am to look for when purchasing.

  _Treb_ 18:15 26 May 03

Go with any of the major players but get a 7200 rpm drive.

  stef9000 18:20 26 May 03

yeh go for a 7200 much better.

have a look in pc world at the components section there real good value (never thought i would hear myself praising pc world).

i got a 40 gig 7200 rpm western digital for 62 quid
in a box they were 99.99.

  Djohn 18:24 26 May 03

click here and have a read, link provided courtesy of powerless. J.

  Dazwm 18:28 26 May 03

Thanks for the reply _Treb_ but who is major player!!??

  Agent Smith 18:32 26 May 03

Western Digital, Maxtor, Fujitsu.........

  -pops- 18:42 26 May 03

I much prefer two smaller drives in preference to on large one. You can keep a full backup on the other drive so if things go banana shaped with your main drive, you still have full capabilities. There will stil be room on the drive for plenty of other things.


  Dazwm 18:46 26 May 03

That sounds a good idea but where do I put it ? I have a DVD drive and a CDRW

  -pops- 18:52 26 May 03

The cable to your current hard drive is most likely to have a connector on it for another drive.

Make sure your new one is set to "slave" or it may not work.

  Smiler 19:12 26 May 03

Have a look at their prices are good and delivery is usually a day or two. I just bought a Maxtor Diamond Max 80GB (6y080P0) with 8MB buffer & FDB(fluid dynamic bearings) for 79 quid inc delivery click here
very impressive. The 2MB buffer drive is £6 cheaper (6y080L0)

  mrdsgs 19:19 26 May 03

i doubt you will beat microdirect click here . They are very reliable and sell everything.


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