New Graphics Card Woes

  DuncanG 10:44 10 Sep 05

I bought a new Radeon 9800 Pro card to replace my 9600 as they are so cheap now. I uninstalled all the old drivers and even used ATI's removal tool to make sure.

Installed new card and booted up. Machine boots find and i can select my profile in windows, only after about 20 seconds the screen freezes and or artefacts appear on the screen.

The card is firmly seated and power supply connected and the heatsink fan is working and i though overheating may be the cause.

Does this sound like driver problems or hardware failure to you guys?

Really DONT want to have to format and do a clean install.....would atke all day.

  AndySD 10:56 10 Sep 05

Check your motherborard drivers.
Can you tell us the make/model of the motherboard?

  gudgulf 10:59 10 Sep 05

What drivers are you using?

Open the ATI control panel and go to the SmartGart tab.Have a look at what it is telling you in there with respect to AGP setting and whether fast writes are enabled and post back.

I suspect the most likely cause is a fault on the new graphics card you have access to another computer you can try it in?

  DuncanG 11:00 10 Sep 05

Yeah sure - it is an MSI KM2M Combo (which runs a VIA KM266 chipset).

Previous card was a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Atlantis and new card is a Sapphire Radeon 9800 pro Atlantis so thats why i am suprised of the problems.

  AndySD 11:07 10 Sep 05

click here VIA Hyperion drivers.

There is no BIOS update for this.

  DuncanG 11:08 10 Sep 05

Cheers Andy, i will give it a crack

  DuncanG 11:11 10 Sep 05

Andy i am obviously being thick....where are the files located on that website?

  gudgulf 11:20 10 Sep 05

click here for via 4 in 1 drivers.

Looking at a review on your motherboard it's quite an old board.Nowt wrong with that, but it makes me wonder what the power supply rating in your computer is.......whilst a 9800 card is not a power hungry monster by the latest graphics cards standards it may be overwhelming your psu.

  AndySD 11:21 10 Sep 05

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