new graphics card needed, havent the faintest idea

  matjones 14:39 29 Mar 06

hi i need a graphics card for my computer, but i havent any idea on what to buy. i want it for playing recent computer games like call of duty and GTA san andreas and other recent games, with pretty good graphics, but my budget is quite low at around £50 max probably, but will buy off ebay if needed.

my computer is an intel(R) pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz 1.69GHz 512 MB of RAM.

thanks alot for any advice, it is all much needed!

  rmcqua 14:50 29 Mar 06

I'm sorry, matjones, but you are not going to find a graphics card for 50.00 that will do a good job of the kinds of recent games you mention.

  Starfox 15:18 29 Mar 06

Need to know what interface required but assuming that you have AGP then click here any of these cards will play the latests games but obviously the dearer the card the better the quality of the graphics.

Post back if you have any queries.

  matjones 15:36 29 Mar 06

yer i have AGP, is there anything else i need to worry about like with it being compatible with my system?
thanks alot you are a great help!

  Starfox 16:17 29 Mar 06

No not really,but a 1.7g P4 will be o.k with the lower end cards but a waste of money with the high end cards.My choice would be a Geeforce6200,will play all the latest games I should think,but not at high resolution.I can play all the latest games using a Geeforce5700 so the 6200 would be even better.

  Starfox 16:20 29 Mar 06

Forgot to add

An extra 512mb of memory although not essential would improve things quite a lot.

  RobCharles1981 16:27 29 Mar 06

I use the Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb version it works good with GTA San Andreas not sure how much they are worth exactly ?

  hzhzhz 19:51 29 Mar 06

A Radeon 9600 pro 256mb can be found for about £50.

  matjones 20:14 29 Mar 06

thanx a lot, u been great help to me!

  hzhzhz 20:33 29 Mar 06

Be wary of buying 2nd hand gfx cards unless you know their history.

  Starfox 20:46 29 Mar 06

I would not advise buying second hand graphics cards unless as hzhzhz says "You know their history".They can be easily damaged by mis-handling,static or in the post unless expertly packaged.

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