New Graphics Card/ Hard Drive

  tomhealy 16:08 21 Mar 03

I am currently considering getting a new graphics card and am probably going to get one of the radeon 9000/9500 pro models.

Can someone tell me whether the extra £50-60 would be worth it for the 9500 or should i go for the 9000 pro 128mb?

I am running a duron 1.1 ghz with 768mb sdram if that makes a difference.

Also are the Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 series of hard drive any good / reliable? I saw an 80gb model on ebuyer for £57+vat and am wondering whether to get it or not

  eccomputers 17:47 21 Mar 03

personally I have found maxtor to be very good. I tend to throw fujitsu in the bin. Seagate went through a bad patch but have improved but the creme de la creme to me is ibm.
Dont forget to check your cables. I have serviced so many machines with ata133 capable motherboards and hard drives but ata66 cables are installed.

  eccomputers 17:49 21 Mar 03

the more memory the video card has the better. I upgraded from a geforce4 64mb card to a ti4600 128mb and wow the difference blew me away

  Simon_P 17:54 21 Mar 03

Agree with eccomputers,

I have a Diomand max9 HDD and it is excelent, and have always use Maxtor or IBM, never had a problem.

  tomhealy 19:26 21 Mar 03


Thanks for the advice

But is a 128mb 9500 pro worth the £50 difference from a 128mb 9000 pro?

Also what sort of difference, ie frame rates etc.., should i see compared to the 32mb Geforce2 GTS that i have at the moment?

  Rayuk 19:42 21 Mar 03

Found this if it helps any
click here
also for broader comparisons
click here

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