New graphics card

  tazpafc 23:02 13 Jul 12

I'm after a new graphics card that has vga and dvi on so I can run extended desktop on dual monitors, my pc only has a vga port hence the need to upgrade. My pc is an acer aspire x3960

  KRONOS the First 05:01 14 Jul 12

It really does help if you mention budget?

  Ian in Northampton 08:57 14 Jul 12

Those are typically my requirements - I don't need a good GPU for gaming or rendering or whatever, just the ability to drive two monitors. As such, pretty much any card would do the job: I'd be surprised if you had to pay more than £20. I'm not sure how old your PC is, but if it's relatively recent - last few years - you'll probably be looking for a PCI Express card like this

  tazpafc 09:44 14 Jul 12

Sorry Chronus I have a habit of not mentioning budget, seen as its not for major gaming and just the same as ian wants to do, drive 2 monitors then my max budget would probaly be about 40 max and Ian the pc is about a few years old has an i3 processor and I think your right, I'm sure I have a pcie slot

  KRONOS the First 10:01 14 Jul 12

If you are just wanting to power a second monitor then Ian in Northampton's suggestion will be fine. But if you think you might do a bit of gaming in the future then it is rubbish.

  tazpafc 10:05 14 Jul 12

A bit of a better card would still help my gaming on football manager which is all I play cause the game does give you a 3d rating against what graphics you have installed, at the moment I just have the intergrated graphics so a new decentish card would also give the 3d rating a bit of a boost as I said I have 40 maybe even could stretch to 50 to get a card but I was reading I need a low profile card or something?

  KRONOS the First 10:47 14 Jul 12

I thought this was your PC, Acer, you certainly said it was in your other post. And if it is it seeming has a Radeon HD 6450. So can you confirm or not whether you have this GPU fitted or not?

Also if that is your PC it looks as though it will take a full sized GPU but I am not sure looking at the image.

  tazpafc 11:11 14 Jul 12

Chronus i have an acer x3960 not a x3990

  tazpafc 11:12 14 Jul 12

And my graphics are Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1) 1796 MBytes

  KRONOS the First 11:35 14 Jul 12

This one then. And this model has a GeForce GT 420 or so the specs show. This. Anyway I cannot see why you would need a low profile GPU as the case is big enough for a full one.

  tazpafc 11:50 14 Jul 12

Yep that is my pc Chronus but a newer model, i dont have the i5 processor or the tb hard drive or the graphics, this is mine

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