New Graaphics Card

  2Xtreme_lives 15:54 05 Jan 08

i bought myself a new graphics card this morining and i have installed it, the grahphics card fan is spinning and computer is booting up fine with no worries (i hear msn sound etc through speakers) however the monitor itself is not working it just says "no signal going to sleep"

I was just wondering what the error may be

  Coupon 16:06 05 Jan 08

Have you plugged the monitor in to the connector on the back of the graphics card? If you were using onboard graphics before it will now be a different connector for your monitor.
And have you installed the correct graphics card drivers?

  martjc 16:08 05 Jan 08

...before installing the card?


remove the card.

reboot the machine using whatever you had in it previously.

install the graphics drivers from the disk that came with the new card.

If your previous card was 'on board', you must disable it through the BIOS.

Switch off and insert the new card into the machine, checking for good fit in the slot [you may have to press it in quite firmly].

Reboot and watch for found new hardware wizard.

Should be ok.

  QuizMan 16:15 05 Jan 08

Doesn't sound like a driver problem to me if you are not getting a picture even at the boot stage. It's more likley to be one of:
Card not correctly seated
Cable from card to monitor faulty or not connected properly
Faulty card

Deciding which one is largely a matter of trial and error.

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