New GPU making a wierd noise?

  solidu5 00:45 17 Jan 13

So i got my new Asus GTX 660 GPU today in the post and whenever i try and run high end games, e.g. portal 2, batman:AC etc. the GPU keeps on and off making this strange noise.

i recorded the noise with my phone and put it in my dropbox. its a tad quiet but if you turn up your headphones/speakers you can hear it..:

  solidu5 00:58 17 Jan 13

Anyone have any idea what my problem is? many thanks..

  mole1944 05:44 17 Jan 13

mm,is a fan catching on something,give us a clue is it out of the speakers or out of the case we need more information than you supply.

  solidu5 10:41 17 Jan 13

It's in the case, I've opened it up and had a look but I can't see anything that would be causing the problem...

It only does it when I run high end games though, when the PC is just running normally it doesn't do it.. It's odd..

  Chronos the 2nd 11:15 17 Jan 13

I myself think it is a faulty bearing in the fan. Your sound bite is not the best but what little evidence you have I would suggest removing the card and just checking that there is obviously nothing catching the fan.

Download and run this this will stress your GPU and the fan should really spin up. If you are still getting this noise return the card as chances are it is faulty.

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