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New game keeps freezing.

  bradwell boy 20:19 30 Jun 03

Just got a new game 'Vietcong'. Checked that my machine at least satisfies the minimum spec it states on the box (500mhx processor/1.8Gb hd spare/16mb graphics card/256mb Ram). I have 1000mhz/20Gb free/32mb ATI Rage pro fury/256mb Ram.

Start it up and think I am going to have some happy gaming then as it is getting into the start titles/introduction it freezes. Only way to get out of it is to re-boot. Xp then gives me a couple of error messages when re-booted. 1 is about sending report to MS, the other is something about it freezing while trying to do some drawing.

Is the likely cause that although I have the necessary RAM, a portion of it is used in background programs and there isn't enough left for the game and it falls down on this point. Or any other likely cause?

  Totally-braindead 20:32 30 Jun 03

Its possible, I haven't played this particular game myself but I have played the demo. Try disabling all the stuff running in the background and see. If that doesn't work see if their is an updated graphics card driver for your card on the website and see if that'll help. XP uses quite a bit of system memory so I tend to think that your assumption about memory is most likely correct, you may need to buy more RAM.

  Despicable Desperado 20:38 30 Jun 03

I would personally err towards the graphics card. It was never a vey good card and will struggle to play the current crop of games. Check the web site of the game publishers - the may be postings on the site re various cards.

  citadel 22:07 30 Jun 03

Games makers seem to set the min specs too low for a lot of games. From what I have read you need a beast of a machine to get vietcong to run fast.

of a few problems with vietcong on machine's, with crashing a big occurance....

May pay to look for all the updates needed, then maybe going from there..

But a lot of people seem to be having problems with crashes and bug's in game at the moment, perhaps another Grand Theft Auto 3 in the making...

  ordep 08:38 01 Jul 03

Generally speaking, to be able to play the latest games, your graphics card needs to be no more that 2 years old.
Your card is about 4 years old.

  bradwell boy 18:19 01 Jul 03

Thanks everyone. Looks like as with everything else, it could be straight-forward (RAM), or more than likely a number of things to look at.

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