New Freecom HDD and Formatting problems

  Audio~~Chip 20:34 28 Aug 09

Bought a new Freecom External XS 500GB USB 2.0 HDD from click here

It came Pre-formated in FAT32 according to the Label on the barcode of Box. Ok, so I went to format it in WinXP Pro to get it to a 500GB NTFS Partition and ended up getting a unwanted 128MB partion and other remainder partition on the drive.

If I use XP Disk Management for the Drive do I DELETE the smaller Partition then reformat again ?

  FatboySlim71 20:52 28 Aug 09

If you formatted the drive a fresh using NTFS, the 128mb partition should disappear. If it doesn't then I expect this is used by the drive for some purpose.

  Audio~~Chip 21:16 28 Aug 09

I didn't want it to turn up as 128GB when its 500GB drive. Any idea how to get it to 1 single partition and format please

  Quiller. 21:21 28 Aug 09

Right click the 128Mb partition and select * delete partition *. If it does delete, do the same with the rest of the drive. Then right click the unallocated space and make new partition of the full ammount.

If it gives you no options when you right click it, it is reserved for the drive.

  Audio~~Chip 21:22 28 Aug 09

Going to try this now.

  Quiller. 21:25 28 Aug 09


Make sure you select the quick format option.

Otherwise you could be waiting for some time.;-(

  Audio~~Chip 21:35 28 Aug 09

I removed the partitions but the drive has gone from within c Drive though it shows in XP Pro disk management as 465.76 GB Unallocated there is no option to format now by right clicking in the box in disk management.

  DieSse 21:45 28 Aug 09

First you make a partition - Right click - New Patition.

Then you format the partition - the first part leads you right into the formatting. Choose NTFS and let it format.

After messing about with partitions and different partition types, I recommend you do a full format, not a quick format. It'll take some time, but you don't have to sit and watch it - go away and leave it to do it's thing.

  Audio~~Chip 21:48 28 Aug 09

You did read the bit where after I deleated the Partition on this External USB 2.0 HDD that it no longer shows in my Computer and only shows in the Disk Management.

I have the option for New Partition - Primary or Extended then Next then give me a box with the same size of the drive in 500GB showing as 476938MB do I create a primary partition and continure from here ?

  Audio~~Chip 21:49 28 Aug 09

it won't move all my work over from my Main C drive will it ?

  Quiller. 21:51 28 Aug 09

it won't move all my work over from my Main C drive will it ?


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