New Found Hardware Problem

  Alan Ryan 15:10 06 Nov 04

Immediately after booting up I get the New Found Hardware Wizard on the screen informing me that its detected a cable modem and to follow the
procedure for connecting it. This modem has been
connected for the last 2 years - so why am I getting this message ? If I reboot, the modem
usually connects in the regular way. Any advice
on what's causing this problem and how to get rid of it please ? (I'm using XP Home).

  Diodorus Siculus 15:12 06 Nov 04

What happens if you let the wizard run as it should? That often works...

  sputnick 15:19 06 Nov 04

Try going into Control Panel / Phones and modems, or modems if win 98. Remove all references and reboot and let New Hardware Wizard run.It should just find the current driver.

  Alan Ryan 15:20 06 Nov 04

I haven't tried that option - figuring that since I know the modem is already connected I might cause a difficulty from which I can't recover if I try to duplicate the connection. I know from experience that the problem
disppears temporarily if I reboot.

  Alan Ryan 15:21 06 Nov 04

That sounds an ingenious solution: I'll try it and hope that I'm still able to return online so you can hear what happened.

  woodchip 15:22 06 Nov 04

As above if you remove the Modem in Control Panel then restart your computer it will then install one modem only

  Alan Ryan 15:25 06 Nov 04

Thanks: I'm just about to try this and get back later.

  Alan Ryan 15:34 06 Nov 04

Just been into Phone & Modem Options (in Control Panel) and here's a weird thing - there's NO modem listed. I can find it in Device Manager
and it reports the device operating properly etc. Am I on to something here or up a dead end ?

  Stuartli 15:40 06 Nov 04

Have you checked in Device Manager that the modem's Properties General tab has the modem as Enable this Device from the drop down menu?

  Stuartli 15:42 06 Nov 04

You can also check the modem's diagnostics, Port speed (115000 for 56k dialup), Advanced settings etc at the same time.

  woodchip 15:42 06 Nov 04

Then remove it from Device Manager and Restart and follow the wizard when it restarts

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