New fonts problem - please help!

  stewyj 13:21 24 Oct 07

This morning I downloaded some new fonts, and now when I try to open a Word document I get this message box:

'Error 1907. Could not register font. Verify that you have sufficient permissions to install fonts, and that your system supports the font'.

How can I solve this issue so I don't get this annoying message?

Please help, someone!

- Stewy

  silverous 13:29 24 Oct 07

Sounds like one of the fonts is unsupported, why don't you remove them one by one until it works then you'll know which one?

  stewyj 13:51 24 Oct 07

Thanks for your answer, silverous, but that sounds too time-consuming...there must be an easier way.

Anyone else got any ideas?

- Stewy

  johnnyrocker 13:54 24 Oct 07

stick with what you have?


  silverous 14:05 24 Oct 07

Too time consuming - how many fonts did you add?!

If one of the fonts is indeed not supported I can't see how a less time consuming method will appear. You could've done it in the time it took to post your response, start word, delete font...unless you installed hundreds.

Get rid of them all and be happy might be the quick route if you want quick.

  stewyj 14:37 24 Oct 07

I'd like to thank those who answered my pathetic cry for help.

In the end, I simply uninstalled then re-installed Word, and all seems to be fine now.

Cheers etc,

- Stewy

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