new fonts

  polish 17:02 15 Apr 08

my daughter is after new fonts for her school work and i was wondering if anybody new of a good safe site to get some

  Technotiger 17:07 15 Apr 08

Not used them personally, but plenty to check out here

  cocteau48 17:39 15 Apr 08
click here

  pj123 18:03 15 Apr 08

Just try Google.

Type in free fonts.

Loads of responses.

click here=

  Stuartli 18:12 15 Apr 08

There are plenty of free fonts around apart from those that come with Windows.

However, I would advise your daughter not to overdo the use of fonts - the fewer the better carries more impact overall in a presentation.

  polish 19:13 15 Apr 08

thanks for responses i will use the links to point her in the the right direction

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