New flash player(file sizes different)

  hiwatt 24 Feb 12

Hi folks,I've just noticed that there's a new Adobe flash player been released last week( downloading from the Adobe site the file is 3.6mb and from filehippo it is 758kb!Any idea why the difference in file size.This is the non IE 32bit version.Thanks.

  northumbria61 24 Feb 12

I haven't looked but could one be is a full file download and the other an update?

  rdave13 24 Feb 12

As always Flash player can be a bit confusing, latest I have is version . I suppose it's because I used the beta version before Flash worked on 64-bit.

  Batch 24 Feb 12

I think you;ll find the one on filehippo is just an installer that then downloads the full file when you run the installer.

  hiwatt 24 Feb 12

Something else I noticed.I am able to view youtube videos without having flash player installed?That's a first?

  rdave13 24 Feb 12

Right click the video that's playing and it should show the version of Flash.

  Batch 24 Feb 12

When you say "I am able to view youtube videos without having flash player installed" what browser are you using? As Chrome, at least, has flash player bundled with it and whenever there is a flash update, you'll get an updated version of Chrome (by way of applying the flash update). Not only that, Google tend to release the flash driven updates for Chrome earlier than Adobe release the updates to the general public.

  hiwatt 25 Feb 12

@Batch I am using Firefox.I have completely uninstalled flash player but youtube videos still play?This never used to be the case?

  lotvic 25 Feb 12

Possibly HTML5

  bremner 25 Feb 12

Youtube does not need Flash as it runs perfectly well on the iPad and iPhone that do not support Flash.

v11 is the last version of Flash Adobe announced last year.

  bremner 25 Feb 12

YouTube FAQ on HTML5 Click Here


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