New fast desktop pc wanted - any suggestions?

  squibbitus 31 Oct 12

Hi there

I am new to this forum and currently own a AMD Athlon II X4 640, 3.01 GHz Processor, 3.25GB RAM, Windows XP Professional. I am prepared to pay around 500.00 for a new PC, I only need the PC unit, I am happy with the screen and keyboard, etc.

What I need to be fast is to happily move from tab to tab when roughly 16 or so tabs are open to do research on the internet, a word document to be useable and email all at once. I am going back to Uni and need the speed. I do not need gaming or .

Currently my pc takes a long time to boot up and open internet and email, which I open everyday. I used my pc everyday. We have a 10GB internet connection with Virgin, so that is good.

I don't know if I am expecting too much, but hope the speed is possible?

Any info is much appriciated.

Kind regards


  nickf 01 Nov 12

Hi Squib , I would suggest a custom Pc builder , there are quite a few online , examples are Scan , PC specialist , Computerplanet and many others . Most will have prebuilt stock , but can build to your specs . I can personally vouch for , having bought my Pc from them . They have a system that would suit you very well , the V15 system , costs around the £ 450 mark .

  squibbitus 01 Nov 12

Thanks Nick, I will go and have a look at the suggested sites, much appreciated :-)

  nickf 01 Nov 12

my pleasure , good luck . Also I would recommend getting an Itel chip . Slightly more expensive , but performance is soooo much better !


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