New fan installation problem

  Femme 17:58 07 Jan 06

I just installed a new fan
Seems to be installed correctly but the fan is not running
That was about 15 minutes ago should it have started up right away?
What might be causing it not to run?
Thank you

  GuZ><0r 18:02 07 Jan 06

Firstly, what type of fan is it, e.g. case and what is it connected to, like mobo. Are you sure that the fan isnt faulty.

  Belatucadrus 18:09 07 Jan 06

What sort of fan ? CPU, Case, Northbridge.
If CPU then not running at all is most unhealthy for the PC, turn off and replace it immediately.
As to what could cause it not to run, duff connection or a severe attack of knackered.

  Femme 18:14 07 Jan 06

its a brand new fan just installed its the one at the back not sure of proper name
Its same kind that was there before.
Cant figure out why its not turning

  GuZ><0r 18:15 07 Jan 06

Have you made sure it is plugged in completely?

  wobblymike 18:15 07 Jan 06

Is it connected to the CPU fan outlet on the mobo if so make sure it is on the right one and not on a system fan outlet - on some mobos they are adjacent to each other

  ICF 18:17 07 Jan 06

Why did you change it?

  amonra 18:19 07 Jan 06

Give it a quick flick to try and start it, maybe it has jammed ?

  Femme 23:48 10 Jan 06

It was indeed the fan not the one I changed but the other one-sigh
Thank you

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