New external DVD this ok pls?

  nick_j007 10:07 13 May 04

Hello all,

I'm looking for an external DVD/CD writer alongside my laptop. I have both Firewire and USB2.

A case I have been directed to is here:
click here

and the DVD drive to go in it here:
click here

Does this seem a sensible combo. please, and will I require any addition fixings or internal cables? I see the case is supplied with both USB and Firewire cables.

All a bit new to me so sorry for sounding 'lame'.



  byfordr 11:51 13 May 04

Some pretty cheap prices on already built units click here

Could well be cheaper, or not much more expensive to get one already built...


  nick_j007 12:03 13 May 04

Ok great, thanks.

Would you advise to buy a ready built type over my own assembling?

Should I be concerned about the + or - issue. I guess ideally it would have both?


  byfordr 12:13 13 May 04

If you can afford it yes! Also DVD RAM to consider if thats your bag.

click here would seem to do both.

Personally I couldn't be bothered with assembling it myself. Particularly if its going to cost more. A pre-built one is guaranteed to work properly.


  nick_j007 12:29 13 May 04

I can afford it...especially at that price...seems reasonable enough to me.
I can see the logic in what you say re assembly and guarantee, and I agree with you.

Sorry to go on, but how does DVD RAM differ? Benefits?


  €dstowe 14:05 13 May 04

That is exactly the setup that we have for 4 DVD writers. The case or enclosure is by Belkin and very good quality finish. The DVD writer does just as it's supposed to do.

Very easy to assemble - you just need a screwdriver to fasten the drive into the case. Everything else just slots together.


  nick_j007 14:26 13 May 04

Thanks Ed,

Are you refering to my first post with the two links? You have precisely that?


  €dstowe 14:32 13 May 04

Yep! Four of them. We move them around from machine to machine.


  nick_j007 17:52 13 May 04

Ok then!

what DVD's do you use please?
Any complaints?


  €dstowe 18:25 13 May 04

We use {DV 3071/25} Ritek Inkjet Printable A Grade 4x DVD-R in packs of 25 from click here

Only made coasters due to human error. So, 100% success from 100s of disks burned.

If you join their club you can get deals like one penny shipping at times.


  byfordr 18:58 13 May 04

Throughly recommend SVP aka blankdiskshop...

A slight mix up in the first order, was swiftly corrected. (plus I got to keep the stuff they sent in error) A second order received next day, superb!

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