New extender

  iqs 17:34 PM 24 Apr 13

Hi, I have a virgin media superhub,which is located upstairs .when the downstairs pc & tablets are used,I'm receding one bar signal strength . I have been looking at purchasing an extender so the devices downstairs receive a stronger signal. The only reason I haven't bought one as yet,is because I'm concerned that mobile device used upstairs may use the weaker wifi connection via the extender ,instead of the stronger superhub signal. Any help is appreciated . Thank you

  mgmcc 19:51 PM 24 Apr 13

If you have more than one Wireless Access Point to which to connect (Router & Extender), your devices will connect to whichever one they have been configured to use.

If devices have been configured to be able to access either Access Point, and connect to the wrong one, there is no reason why you cannot manually change to the alternative one.

  iqs 21:33 PM 24 Apr 13

Thank you for the reply . Can I ask ,does each device broadcast an SSID ?

  mgmcc 12:30 PM 25 Apr 13

Yes, all "Wireless Access Points" have an SSID which, optionally, can be broadcast or hidden.

  iqs 21:26 PM 25 Apr 13

Thank you again for the help .


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