New Desktop Needed (or possibly laptop....)

  chrisbenwalker 19:07 16 Aug 09

My old laptop has just packed up on me, and while I appreciate there are lots of threads of a similar nature, I just wonder if someone can give me some good advice.

*I would need just the base unit as already have a decent monitor.

*Processor - I'm open to suggestions.

*Nothing too fancy in terms of graphics card.

*HD atleast 500GB

*RAM 3GB minimum

*OS - XP preferred as heard LOTS of bad stuff about vista - compatibility issues etc...

*DVD Rewriter

I don't necessarily want a purpose built PC as had a bad exerience with one, so a factory spec one is suffice.

Thanks for reading and any advice given,


  howard64 09:06 17 Aug 09

have a look on the main suppliers for their end of range built pcs. I recently was asked to build a pc for a friend and Novatech were moving on some of their pre built models. I bought him a better specified pc for less than I could build one. Dabs, misco, micro direct, ccl and scan to mention a few.

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