New Dell & MSN

  perplexed user 18:35 19 Mar 08

Having just bought a new laptop to replace and aging PC I try to run IE at which point the machine wants to run a progam runoncemsn at which point it hangs. I normall use google but have to use the home button to do that. How do I set IE to open Google when I open IE. I have set in Tools the "use current" to use Google but there must be something somewhere else.
Any ideas anyone?

  brundle 22:42 19 Mar 08
  perplexed user 10:54 20 Mar 08

I tried both those options and neither worked I'm afraid. Anyone else any ideas?

  setecio 12:51 20 Mar 08

It sounds like the runonce page has not completely properly. Delete all temporary internet files and cookies (within IE settings or use ccleaner), and manually go to the page
click here

  setecio 12:52 20 Mar 08

Or go to internet settings - advanced tab - reset IE

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