New computer tweaks - help please

  Dazzledoc 21:21 27 Jan 09

I have a new computer and am gradually trying to get it how my previous one was. Various small niggles.
1. my internet connection seems slow compared to the old one. Is there a simple tweaking program that will select the optimum setting for the internet?
2. When I hover the mouse over a file it gives a 'modified date'. How do I change the format of this to the UK version of day-month-year. I must have done it on my old one but cannot remember how.
3. When I open the 'more options' tab from the library drop down on Media Player 11 the box cuts off the right hand side so it cuts off the RH part of 'configure sharing' and 'monitor folders' boxes. I have a 22" new monitor set to 1400X900.

Any help with the above would be appreciated, thank you.

  bluto1 21:48 27 Jan 09

For the date etc I think that'll be Start>Control Panel>Date and Time and work from there.
.....and I'll bet you're on Vista, not XP. I'll let it go anyway, you might get something out of it.

  Dazzledoc 22:21 27 Jan 09

Thanks bluto1. You set me in the right direction. I found the changes I could make in control panel>regional & language options and you would have lost your bet!

Any ideas about the other questions anyone?

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