New computer from Mesh. Partition or not?

  Colinp 19:01 28 Mar 05

I should be getting a new computer delivered at the end of the week with a 300Gb HDD. I am wondering whether I should or shouldn't partition said HDD. What are your thoughts about this?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:10 28 Mar 05

No point whatsoever with XP and modern computers. Personally I would buy an external HD as a backup in case of disaster. This will be of much more use than partitioning.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:12 28 Mar 05

click here previous discussion.


  Colinp 19:43 28 Mar 05

An interesting debate. I am coming down on the side of not partitioning.

Any more thoughts anyone?

  Rigga 20:13 28 Mar 05

Personally speaking l like to keep everything nice and tidy.

So I Have

C: drive for Operating system

D: drive for my data

E: drive for all program installs

F: drive for backups of installation exe's that iv;e downloaded.

G: drive as a separate swap partition only containing the windows swap file.

H: drive for free storage TV recordings etc.. and temporary files.

Probably overkill, but for me personally it's much easier for me to find the files I want with this set-up. and I live by..

A Place for everything, and everything in it's place!

At the end of the day I thing it's mostly to do with personal preference. As GANDALF <|:-)> says, modern computers are fairly quick, and unless you have separate physical drives then there's no performance benefit.

And I also agree with G again, must be a first, agree with G twice in one thread :), get a operate, internal or external drive for backups!!


  Rigga 20:19 28 Mar 05

"get a operate, internal" oops.. should read "get a separate, internal"



  Colinp 21:42 28 Mar 05

As you say, that is overkill. I think you can still keep things nice and tidy on just the one partition as long as you are meticulous about it. Your drives C and D, I can go along with, so as long as the HDD does not go belly up, you can format C drive if you need to, leaving data intact.

But there again, regular backups should be employed so you dont need the seperate D drive!

  Jak_1 22:01 28 Mar 05

I work on the theory of chaos, it's all in one partition. Everything I want to keep is backed up to another hdd in a usb caddy.
I would find it a pain to keep chaging drives just to retrieve something.

I also have a slave drive as a main backup should a file become corrupted for some reason. I do a backup of new stuff every week from the slave.

  Colinp 10:07 31 Mar 05

It looks like one big partition then, unless someone can prove otherwise.

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