New computer Lenovo Windows 8. virgin said they do NOT support it

  lindabornfree 18:41 22 Feb 13

I have made numerous phone calls to Virginmedia since November trying to get wifi set up they finally told me last week that they do NOT support windows 8 and if I want to use wifi I should go back to my old computer; I immediately gave notice to leave. so I want a new network that will support windows 8 and help me to set it up straight away, but I need to know independently that the network will support windows 8 and are reputable

  aquatarkus 18:55 22 Feb 13

Hi there what exactly is the issue you are having? Windows 8 PC's and laptops run with no problem on the Virginmedia network. What I think the tech support meant when they said they don't support Win8 is that they haven't yet got the training inplace for their support staff to be able to help with Win8 issues, same thing happened when Vista and Win 7 first came out, Virgin (along with most other ISP's) only have the training inplace for the previous operating system it can take them anything up to 6 months to add support for new operating systems.

Are you trying to connect the Superhub (ok it's not so super)or are you using one of the older virgin cable modems.

What issue are you having with setting up the Wi-Fi connection?

Regards Aquatarkus

  bjh. 19:25 22 Feb 13

I'm quite certain that there's absolutely no problem using a Windows 8 computer on VirginMedia.

I don't think an ISP is necessarily responsible for giving technical advice as to how any computer should connect (particularly wirelessly) to the router. I know BT and TalkTalk will only give the most basic advice and, when I was with Virgin, that was also true. I know their security suite (VM's own) doesn't work on Win 8, and it's quite possible their set-up CD isn't yet Win 8 ready...I don't know...

That all sounds rather negative... What's rather more positive is that you are here, on this forum. We do give advice - freely!

So, if you can state, type of modem, make of computer (laptop/desktop), any wireless info you can give, has anything changed since the old computer connected (moved? changed modem?), have you still got the old computer, and do you know your virginmedia connection info (something like [email protected], and a password like QC4Ew6T)?

I'm sure you'll end up connected! Promise ;) (nearly, anyway)...

  woodchip 20:01 22 Feb 13

No Idea what you are on about! what as Win8 got to do with it being Networked

  lotvic 22:23 22 Feb 13

What is the exact problem? all you need is a WiFi capable router, make sure the WiFi part is switched on/enabled on it, then on laptop search for available networks and logon using the WiFi password on back/underneath router.

Please tell us what equipment you have from Virginmedia - modem, router, and if you are on cable or asdl+ phone line.

  aquatarkus 12:20 24 Feb 13

This is the 3rd or 4th time some of us have tried to help someone who has just joined the forum, made one post for help and then nothing is heard from them again. Not sure about the rest of you but gets me slightly annoyed.

regards Aquatarkus


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