New Computer with dvd-ram

  donmar 10:12 07 Jan 04

Mat*!@:a DVD-RAM UJ-811(H101) (D:)

The above has been fitted to my Computer. Can you please tell me what kind of discs I should buy so that I can use it?I want to be able to write a DVD but no-one seems to know what discs I should get. Tried DVD+RW -no good. Its very expensive to keep buying boxes of cds so I would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you.


  Jester2K 10:23 07 Jan 04

click here


Support Media: [CD-R] [CD-RW] [DVD-RAM]

You need to buy DVD-RAM disks. DVD-R, DVD+R will NOT work.

  Jester2K 10:24 07 Jan 04

Neither will DVD-RW or DVD +RW

  donmar 10:36 07 Jan 04

Thanks a lot Jester2K. Will get off to PC World in Taunton again. Don

  tafoody 15:55 07 Jan 04

from what i can gather the drive is a DVD-Multi, and should write to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM (discs not in cartridge)

click here dvdrhelp

click here pdf from panasonic

  QQAA 16:35 07 Jan 04

Looking at the PDF specification sheet of Panasonic for this slim DVD drive (for notebook PC), it can be called the real multi-format DVD writer, accepting DVD-R, DVD+R, and also DVD-RAM discs.

I suppose extreme market competitive pressure has prevented such kind of multi-format DVD writers to proliferate in the thin-margin desktop PC arena.

  tafoody 16:52 07 Jan 04

the Panasonic DVD-multi doesnt write to the +R/RW format,but there are several other makes that do, and they're 'super multi-DVD'

  QQAA 19:59 07 Jan 04

Oh yes tafoody, sorry for my overlooking the relevant detail in the PDF spec sheet.

If we look at this article click here, it can be seen that "Panasonic" is an important proponent of the DVD-R format, which I think (as read from articles at some other places) was pioneered by "Pioneer" way back in Year 97, followed by the DVD-RW in Year 99.

It is therefore not surprising to know that this slim "Panasonic" DVD drive inside the notebook PC does not support DVD+R or DVD+RW format of their rival camp, led by "Philips" and "SONY" since Year 2001.

  Jester2K 21:43 07 Jan 04

I stand corrected. It looks like - media is ok too. DVD-R and DVD-RW. Curious why my link neglected to mention that...

  QQAA 21:59 07 Jan 04

and therefore it might be a tall order to expect them to be 100% accurate with their data on related PC peripherals.

  jonnytub 22:25 07 Jan 04


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