New computer choice

  nik69 20:30 11 Mar 03

Hi, I am not sure if I am in the right room, but I'll ask anyway.
I want to buy a new desktop, and have pretty much decided on Evesham, after bad experience with Time Support.
I just dont know what to go for.
I run a small business from home, so have loads of mailing, business templates etc. Also loads of images will be on it. I don't need for games, and sometimes play music.
I currently have an AMD Athlon 1.4 ghz/ 256mb/40 GB, and it is running on XP Home, which I like, but occasionally freezes up, especially, when running Money for about 30 minutes. Would XP Pro be better?
I'd appreciate any feedback re this, Thanks

  clayton 20:46 11 Mar 03

Hi you have a good spec pc there why do you need to buy a new one,if you have loads of images & are worried about storage space you could always add an extra hard drive no need to purchase a new pc.

  recap 20:53 11 Mar 03

XP Pro is better than the Home version nik69. I would upgrade the Ram (and make sure it's DDR) as you say you will be using loads of images. A descent graphics card wouldn't come a miss for all those images. Possibly a slightly faster processor as well because of those images.

  nik69 21:11 11 Mar 03

you mention a decent graphics card, what do you suggest, and the reason I am getting a new one is because this one keeps having to be repaired. In last three years it's had 2 new motherboards,
new hard drive, and fan. I just don't trust it and my warranty has now run out. I am passing it on to my daughter.

  clayton 22:12 11 Mar 03

You didnt say what your budget was but heres a start click here
click here
click here click here

  nik69 22:46 11 Mar 03

budget is around £1200

  wee eddie 22:49 11 Mar 03

on much lower spec PC's.

For Office work. What you have is perfectly adequate. Maybe a little extra RAM, visit click here enter tha name of your PC in the relevant boxes and go for 512Mg if it's possible. It'll probably save you a fortune.

  clayton 23:00 11 Mar 03

Any of the Eversham pcs should do just get the largest hard drive & @ least 512mb of DDR memory just look through the links i gave you, the Nforce 2 motherboards are very good.

  nik69 23:12 11 Mar 03

I will definately be buying from Evesham, as I have been reading all the positive feedback here!!

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