New Computer

  Tom154 16:12 17 Apr 08

Hello, I'm in the market for a gaming comptuer and was impressed by the Sigma ST13 from Cube 247, but I have never dealt with the company and wondered if anyone else had and if so was it good. Or can anyone point me in the direction of a good gaming computer with a budget of about 1300-1400. Ta.

  citadel 19:31 17 Apr 08

8g of memory is too much. better to have 2 or 3g of faster than 667 speed memory.

  Tom154 13:46 18 Apr 08

Thanks for that, I didn't realise that you can have too much of something (I know, there's one born every minute)

  PO79 14:37 18 Apr 08

Go to click here for the best custom made gaming machine. Join the forum and post your your requirements and budget and someone will respond with a custom spec or two for you. They will also use up to two of your own components and also your own OS's if you want.

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