Need4Speed 11:06 24 Oct 05

I am thinking about buying a pc from Mesh Computers but are they any good, has any1 bought a pc from them, wre you happy with it? Was delivery on time and what about there after care? My budget is between £600 to £800 and I think they have some good offers on at the mo. But what does everyone else think. Mainly be using the pc for the internet ( broadband hopefully as im on dial up at the moment). Thanks

  johnnyrocker 11:08 24 Oct 05

in the search box on the left hand side enter mesh and make your own mind up.


  Ade_1 11:14 24 Oct 05

to tell the truth i have had 1 computer and 1 laptop and i have had no problems with them.

  Need4Speed 11:20 24 Oct 05

Just wondered thats all, as like I said there offers on a couple of computers are really appealing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 24 Oct 05

I know 3 people with Mesh systems and all are fairly recent buys. All have been problem free and they are quite impressive specs. mesh are on of the few companies that have had a regular presence here.


  Starfox 12:45 24 Oct 05

Despite having read all the complaints in the PCA (and other) forums my neighbour decided that he would buy from Mesh.It was delivered on time,worked straight out of the box,every item ordered was supplied and he is absolutely delighted with it and I must say it is quite an impressive machine and was much cheaper than the equivelent Evesham he was also considering.

Hope this helps.

  JeffDH 15:53 24 Oct 05

I recently bought a mesh matrix. I had a few of the optional extras like an extra dvd drive put in. There was a delay of a week on the original delivery date of two weeks. this was because of obtaining the processors.
I am really pleased with the system. I installed all my old software and broadband connection easily. I have 2 external hard drives connected for video and photo storage. I really like the antivirus software. Computer associates. It doesn't seem to interfere or slow the system down like norton did on my old computer, and the scan is quick.
I had stuttery playback when i first tried a dvd, but that has settled now?
Mesh responded on the forum here when I queried about it.

Hope this helps

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