New cmos battery -PC shows still wrong time & year

  Patr100 15:21 11 May 07

On Boot up past few days Pc kept showing 2004 as year and wrong time - if I manually correct it stays OK while PC is running till next boot up. New CMOS battery just fitted but no better.

Anti Vir /Anti Spyware AVG etc seems clean - Not aware if any virus that might cause this behaviour.

Any other suggestions, folks?

i suppose you have auto syncronise ticked in internet time options?

  Patr100 15:43 11 May 07

No I don't. I have another clock I can manually ping to update if I want.

But when I boot up I'm not automatically online anyway. Why should it lose years?

  Patr100 15:49 11 May 07

Anyway I always get "an error occurred" when i've tried to use the Windows Time option. So I use another prog manually.

  birdface 15:57 11 May 07

There have been problems with other time clock's recently,There was a fix,But can't remember what,Will have a look and see if I can find it,

  birdface 16:15 11 May 07

click here see if anything on here helps.

  Strawballs 16:18 11 May 07

Are you correcting it through windows or are you going into bios to change it? After clearing Bios , new battery etc I always correct it in bios.

  Patr100 18:25 11 May 07

Tried that . Correcting in BIOS makes no difference.

I have however noticed that for a split second on the desktop after botting it shows the correct set time then goes back. Which suggests something is loading and doing the dirty work.

Also AVG is now picking up a trojan PSW Legendmir.EYY on boot up to desktop - which goes into the vault - and soemthing called 5640.exe which a quick Google tells me is very suspect. I have now disabled System restore and will run AVG in safe mode but it wil take some hours -


  Patr100 18:34 11 May 07

Ps following some info on the Sophos site I have deleted the registry entry that loads the offendeer/ Here goes for a reboot.

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