New CMOS battery

  iqs 11:44 23 Jun 08


My MB is a FOXCONN 946GZ7MA/946PL7MA.

I am trying to locate a replacement CMOS battery.The details on the battery are CR2032 NEWSUM 3V.

Any ideas where I can buy this battery or a suitable replacement please.Cheera

  Ditch999 11:49 23 Jun 08

Boots or your local garage! CR2032 is what to look for.

  Halmer 12:01 23 Jun 08

£1.99 I think.

  Taff™ 12:37 23 Jun 08

These are common Camera Batteries as well. Local Market sells Panasonic for 99p, Staples, Asda, PC World etc etc

  mooly 13:01 23 Jun 08

You probably all know this but the number relates to the size, 2032 is 20mm diameter 3.2 mm deep.

  iqs 14:06 23 Jun 08

I was passing Pc World,bought one for £3.49.Many thanks for the help,cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 23 Jun 08

One for £3.49 you were robbed.

4x 2032 + 4x 2016 all on same card 99p Bargin Buys in my local town centre.

2x 2032 £1.99 from Wilkinson stores.

  ronalddonald 20:53 23 Jun 08

How long does the battery last is like saying how long a peice of string is, iqs dont worry about fruit bat. Th ebattery will last a good no of years

  Halmer 21:53 23 Jun 08

just in case you need one of them as well.

  mooly 08:27 24 Jun 08

The current draw in use is minute. It is important however not to put any contamination "across" the two faces of the battery as this can cause a leakage current that's actually much higher than the current drawn by the circuit it's powering. Same with watch batterys as well.

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