new cdrom caused pc to hang

  JoeKheng 06:18 01 Mar 03

I was given a faster cd rom with a floppy driver.It was installed and working fine. The next day when I tried to start my pc it when to as far as recognising the Ram and stop at Wait.I tried the startup disk and tried all options-no joy.I borrowed a hdd with os in it but still no hope. I pull out the hdd and start the pc. It was running fine without the hdd.My os is window me.Please help a senior citizen whose knowledge of pc is limited. thank you again -joe

  y_not 14:32 01 Mar 03


  JoeKheng 14:38 01 Mar 03


what is ^BUMP^

  Diemmess 15:30 01 Mar 03

I find this confusing. You say the computer ran fine without a HDD?

Where was it finding the Operating System?

The new CDROM started the trouble and its disconnection should clear the trouble. If that is the way it is you will have to "remove" the driver as well and start again......

From no experience with Win ME I can only guess that this o/s might be more difficult than some to do what you intend doing.

  JoeKheng 00:28 02 Mar 03

I will try what you suggested-removing the cdrom and its driver.

  JoeKheng 01:41 02 Mar 03

Thank you for your help. It works. I was also confused when I pulled out the hdd and the pc still works. It was a 2nd hdd in the pc which was the culprit. I was not aware that I had 2 hdds.The pc was given to me. Thanks again. Joe

  Djohn 01:57 02 Mar 03

joken, when you say that you have taken out the Hard drive, do you mean the CD Drive? the one you can access from the front of your PC. Or do you mean the drive inside the PC?

  y_not 06:13 02 Mar 03

The term ^bump^ means I don't know the answer to your question but as it has dropped to the second or third page it might be missed by someone who can answer the problem.

^bump^ simply brings your request back to the "top of the pile" - and it looks like it worked ;-)

  JoeKheng 09:47 02 Mar 03

The drive I took out was the 2nd hdd. Now the pc is working fine.Thanks Djohn,Diemess & y_not.

  Diemmess 17:39 02 Mar 03

- Returning after 24 hrs.....Glad it (mostly) works.

It may be that not knowing you had a second HDD you put the CD in as a master on that data line.

When you feel like meddling again, try to make sure that the HDDs are set as Primary master and Secondary Master.

Then look at the jumper setting on the new CDROM and make sure that is set to Slave before you put it all back in again.

  JoeKheng 07:04 03 Mar 03

Thank you everyone for your help. joken

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