New case.....wiring in problem

  terendak_uk 14:42 26 Jun 05

just bought a new case and I have mirrored the positioning of the various plugs from the old case, in the new one. Frustratingly, the plug labelled "power led" on the old case ( a three-pin female plug with a wire only in each of the ends is labelled as "M/B SW" on the new case. Also, it's a TWO pin female. If I put it in the same position ( parallel with the 4-pin female "speaker") it can only plug into the 1st two pins, unlike the old case wire which slots into the first THREE pins ( but only has wires into 1 and 3. The rest of the pins are, OK , I think. ALso frustrating is the change in colours!. The old "HDD LED" is two pin with red and black. The new is orange(+) and white(-);is the old red a "(-)" and the black a "(+)"??
Be very grateful for any help with this before I go ahead.

  SEASHANTY 14:58 26 Jun 05

Unfortunately not all motherboards have the connections to the case exactly the same. You should have a diagram in your m/b manual. If not check if you can find it on the mfrs website. Also see this webpage re led connections
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:07 26 Jun 05

....also the sub section "motherboard connectors"
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  fsbb 17:20 26 Jun 05

To overcome problems re changing 3 pin (middle pin not used) to 2 pin. Carefully cut the connector with a Stanley knife so you have two separate femail connectors - discard the middle connector. Connect each to MB pins. If power led does not light, swop the connectors around.

  terendak_uk 20:12 26 Jun 05

I will close a previous post about my PC erratically cutting of at POST. I just couldn't find the cause so, listening to advice, I stripped out the PC and a new case! The PC is a work-recycled one- case is ugly- so I wanted to mirror the case-MOBO plug settings. I was about to take the good advice given here but thought....have a very close look at the labelling next to the riser pins. Well, current "plug-positions" on the 16pin riser were completely different to the labels. So....taking my MOBO's life in my hands, I placed all plugs according to the labels( first time I've done that!)...Lo and behold...the PC fired up with NO problems. Apart from having to re-register the OS ( I took out a CDRW and added an IDE 160Gb HDD as storage)All is well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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