New build, which processor: AMD or Intel?

  Green T 19:45 02 Jan 06

Hi there,

I want to buy a new custom built system but don't know much about the technical side of things. What is the best processor brand to buy, AMD or Intel (or something else!)?

I intend to use the new PC for the internet (broadband), office tasks (inc. remote access to work office), some gaming (e.g. MS flight sim, championship manager) and photo storage / editing / printing.

Thanks! :o)

  Ade_1 19:59 02 Jan 06

In my opinion i prefer AMD's i cant really back it up with evidence but i just have someting about AMD's i personally think their more efficient and they usualy arnt as much, but not all the time. Intel arnt bad dont get me wrong but i prefer AMD, which is what i will be using when i get round to building my own computer. If someone wants to correct me if im wrong btu the better of the AMD's use socket 939.

  ade.h 20:52 02 Jan 06

Does not really matter does it? If an Intel isn't fast enough, then an equivalent AMD is not going to be any better - or worse.

I asked a while ago which type was likely to run cooler (or be happy running hotter) as that is what really matters in the real world; easier cooling solutions equals a quieter PC. However, the balance of the responses were non-committal on that subject.

Motherboard spec/brand tends to be a much greater influence for me than the brand of CPU.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:58 02 Jan 06

It will make no difference at all. Go for nthe cheaper one and put the money saved towards an external HD...this will save your life one day.


  Totally-braindead 22:16 02 Jan 06

With Gandalf on this one go for the cheaper one, AMD is cheaper than Intel and thats what I have. Theres no real difference in performance between the 2 makes if you compare same for same. Go for AMD more for your money.

  007al 22:27 02 Jan 06

The choice really is down to motherboard as ade.h said.So then the choice for processor,in my opinion is AMD on socket 939,as there`s more choice and the nForce4 chipset is about the best around at the moment.Depending on what you want to spend,its difficult to pick one out.Will you be building it yourself?

  martjc 22:40 02 Jan 06

...have been using AMD procs in new builds for some time now. Intel is all very well, but AMD does the job, in my opinion more effectively (more work done per clock cycle)and are just as reliable. As said above, you must match your MB with proc.

Tons of luck!!! M

  Simon_P 23:53 02 Jan 06

I use AMD and have for my last three PC's because they are cheaper and nothing to do with which one is better, like for like there’s not much to pick between them.

I did spend the extra cash on an external HD whilst in didn’t save my life it did save me a load of hassle when my HD went belly up.


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