New Build or not New Build???

  gonzo39 02 Jun 11

I have just recently decided to go for an upgrade with my computer. I have seen a great little Dell machine for sale in PC World for £350. Now it says on the advert it is top of the range graphics, monitor, wireless mouse etc. But after speaking to a friend of mine the other day im not so sure. He said he could get a custom new build machine made for me which would be just as good as well as being about £100 cheaper. Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

  sunnystaines 02 Jun 11

top of the range will be well in excess of £350.

compare specs

  rickf 02 Jun 11

You believe what pc world says, you'll believe anything. top of the range for £350, NEVER!!

  wee eddie 02 Jun 11

£350.00 will not buy you a "Top of the Range" Graphics Card.

Be realistic

  gonzo39 02 Jun 11

Thanks for your feedback guys. I am a novice when it comes to computers. PC World could of sold me some piece of crap and I would of still thought it was top of the range. I think they might be trying to pull the wool over my eyes! Do you have any idea on a good choice of computer or even maybe specs for a new build?

  ashleycardwell94 02 Jun 11

with custom built machines though, you have no guarantee or warranty and usually have to fork out when a component fails.

  ams4127 02 Jun 11

My advice would be to look in Yellow Pages for a local computer shop, go and see them, explain what you want and see what they quote.

I'll lay odds that anything they build for £350 will be infinitely better than anything from PC World for that price.

  gengiscant 03 Jun 11

Why not build it yourself, I know it might sound daunting but and the first time it is. I have been building my own for some time now, self taught and I am no spring chicken. You would get plenty of help here and thee are also plenty of site with video and simple step by step instructions to help.

You do not say what you use your PC for, but £350 is not much to spend on a PC especially if you are looking for top of the range.

As 'rickf' says do not believe PC world, as a matter of interest what is the model number of the PC that is advertised with a top of the range graphics card for £350?

  gonzo39 03 Jun 11

Thanks again for the feedback guys it has been extremely helpful. Have actually spoke to someone else at PC World who said that there is no chance of me getting this "so" called top of the range PC for £350. They said it was more around the £500 to £600 mark. I have however found some simple looking videos on Youtube which shows how to make your own new build . Plus there is a computer fair over the weekend in my local area so will be popping along to see what I can pick up cheap! Sorry "gengiscant" I have threw away the piece of paper with the model number on.

Thank you all again for your help, it is very much appreciated.

  Strawballs 03 Jun 11

For novices the easiest way to go is get a "bare bones" and transfer things like your optical drives (CD/DVD)and buy a hard drive.These don't coome with Keyboard mouse or monitor but if your upgrading you can use your old ones.



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