New Build. No Boot....

  Pilch from 15:53 26 Dec 04

I have just recently built a new machine.

I installed everything 9DFI Lan Party NForce2 Rev B Board and the components.

512mb Cosair Ram

Cheap Graphics Card

450W Antec PSU

XP2500 Chip

SATA WD 80gb Drive

Sony DVD Drive.

Now when i went to turn on it started to whir into life then stop's.

Keeps doing this, it wont even post or anything. I tried the chip in my PC fine, my chip in it and same problem.

The ram seemed to cause my computer to crash and so i took the ram out and so no problems again. So i tried my ram in the new build and still the same problem.

The LED's on the board go 1+2 on,off 3 on/off 1/2 back on off and that is it... in all power up for about a second. I have tried disconnecting things and swapping them over but to no avail.

I tried to reset the bios but to no avail... so any idea's guy's?

  Technotiger 16:05 26 Dec 04

Hi, I assume you are trying to boot from hdd - have you tried booting from original OS cd? I am NOT an expert, this is just a thought!

Happy New Year

I cant even get it too boot properly... turns on then stops after a second... even tried the built on switches on the board....

  Technotiger 16:19 26 Dec 04

Hi again - I repeat I am NOT an expert, but - if it was mine I would start again from absolute scratch with just the mobo/monitor/mouse , then fire-up and add one item at a time (re-starting each time) to try and get into and check the BIOS - that is of course, as long as it doesn't blow-up in the process. Not trying to 'funny-funny' - I wish you good luck!

  Technotiger 16:20 26 Dec 04

sorry - not trying to *be* funny-funny -

  Rayuk 16:38 26 Dec 04

Have you tried it out of the case maybe shorting on a stand off.

to run it on outside the case?

  Technotiger 16:48 26 Dec 04

As Rayuk says, yes.

  dan 11 16:53 26 Dec 04

Sounds like you have the reset switch on the motherboard the wrong way round. This will make the system to continuously reboot.

Done it myself a few times.;-)

no reset button connected.. the board has built in switches...

rayuk what is best to stand the board on whilst i test it? an anti static bag?

  Rayuk 19:11 26 Dec 04

A piece of cardboard will do.the bottom of the motherboard box

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