New BT Home Hub and now printer won't connect via wireless

  RKJ 12:56 06 Mar 15

Hello all,

I have just upgraded to BT Infinity and installed a new BT home hub 5. I am using an Apple Mac Pro which has connected fine to the new home hub but my printer (an HP) won't connect via wireless. The printer advises me to "Press WPS button on router to connect" which I am doing; the printer then tries to connect but comes back with an error after 2 minutes saying "WPS error. Press ok to retry".

(Note: I previously had a BT home hub 3 which was connected successfully to the same printer, although I do remember having similar problems when I installed that one but don't remember how I solved it.)

Please help as this is driving me mad !

  LastChip 13:03 06 Mar 15

This should sort it out.

You don't have to turn WPS off to make a manual connection.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:10 06 Mar 15

RKJ, if the WPS-button method isn't working then instead connect the printer to your new Home Hub manually (by selecting the network from the list and tapping in the wireless password).

  RKJ 13:54 06 Mar 15

Thank you Secret-Squirrel and LastChip.

I have turned off WPS as per the instructions but not sure how to connect manually.

I am using an Apple Mac and I can't see how I can connect the printer manually to the hub. My laptop is connected to the Hub okay (by selecting from the list) but I can't see how I can connect the printer to the hub. Are you able to assist further?

Many thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:02 06 Mar 15

".....but I can't see how I can connect the printer to the hub."

It's usually done via the LCD control panel on the printer itself. I can't be more specific as you haven't mentioned the model number of your HP.

  RKJ 14:06 06 Mar 15

Hi Secret-Squirrel. It's an HP Deskjet 3050. I can't see an option in the LCD panel to select a network and input the key.

Thanks for your help.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:23 06 Mar 15

" It's an HP Deskjet 3050"

It would appear that you can't manually configure a wireless connection via the printer's control panel :(

There are several variations of that model so I hope that this link is for the correct user manual. Scroll down to pages 35 & 36 as they outline the steps needed to use the WPS method and the manual one which unfortunately requires the software CD and a temporary USB connection to your computer.

By the way, I'd recommend you turn the Home Hub's WPS back on again as it's a useful feature that may come in very handy one day.

Good luck.

  RKJ 14:37 06 Mar 15

Thanks Secret-Squirrel.

Unfortunately I'm using a MAC without a CD slot. I have a nasty feeling I could be buying a new printer!!!

Many thanks for your help - I'll continue trying the WPS route (I had already turned it back on) but I have a nasty feeling I could be buying a new printer which gives me the option of manually selecting the network etc.

Thanks again.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:58 06 Mar 15

"Unfortunately I'm using a MAC without a CD slot."

That shouldn't be too much of a problem. Here are a couple more suggestions:

1) Go into the HP configuration program that's hopefully installed on your Mac and look for the option to configure wireless networks. If I recall correctly I've done it that way before but I can't remember where that section is.

2) Go here, type in your model number then download and install the setup software.

You'll still need to use a USB cable temporarily for both options above.

1]: [click here

  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 07 Mar 15

"BT HH 4&5 have a nasty Smart Setup feature...Turn it off"

Ah, yes, that could be the reason the OP's printer doesn't get on with the Home Hub's implementation of WPS.

"Not a good here"

Your click here says this:

"Push-Button-Connect: ........... This is more secure.......Push-button-connect seems largely secure..."

  Secret-Squirrel 10:11 07 Mar 15

"...anyone with physical access to the router could push the button and connect, even if they didn’t know the Wi-Fi passphrase."

........and with WPS turned off all they would need to do is look at the label on the Home Hub (or other ISP-supplied router) to learn the WiFi name and passphrase.

What point are you trying to make ßeta?

I still stand my my comment that WPS is more than secure enough and makes it very easy for the average home user to add new devices to the network. Wireless extender/repeaters can be especially tricky to configure manually and WPS makes it so easy.

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