New browser window opens on it's own?

  wotbus@ 20:34 10 Jan 09

Not my problem but a friend.
He has Vista and IE7.
Open the home page, wait while it loads, have a look at what you see, then BAP! Another tabbed window opens with a site you have no idea but appears to be advertising only!
I have checked "popups" are blocked so is this malware of some sort or is there something within Vista which needs turning on or off?
Thanks in advance.
(I am aware of a Vista Forum but this may be relevant to everyone) ;-)

  MAJ 20:42 10 Jan 09

Go to IE7 > Tools > Internet Options > General tab. Is there two URLs in the Homepage box? If so delete the one you don't want.

  oh 20:45 10 Jan 09

"popups" are blocked so is this malware of some sort.
browser/user problem not o/s specific.

  wotbus@ 20:45 10 Jan 09

No, only one URL for the homepage. The extra browser "windows" just keep popping open while you are doing your thing. IE: You surf to a page, you pause to read the page then PAFF - up comes another tabbed page with something you didn't ask or click for...

  wotbus@ 20:46 10 Jan 09

Hi oh
It certainly feels to me like Malware. I will get him to do his scans which I suspect he is neglecting.

  wotbus@ 18:00 14 Jan 09

OK, the problem remains!
I have run AVG deep scan, installed A² and run a deep scan and Windows Defender runs all the time. Nothing untoward.
The problem:
Type a subject in the Search box - click on any of the sites which are presented - the requested site opens then followed almost immediately by another page/site of a similar subject!
Before I go down the Hijack this road, are there any settings in IE7 whereby you can choose to open 1 or more pages?
I noticed when I was on the PC yesterday that there were several Toolbars installed. Could a conflict between these be throwing up 2 sites one after the other?
I will spend some more time on the PC at the weekend but until then I would welcome any comments and/or advice.

  wotbus@ 11:45 18 Jan 09

Had a look at my friends PC yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was the new "eMule" shortcut on the desktop!!!
I installed and ran SuperSpywareBlaster and it turned up the following:
RootKit.Agen/Gen-Local, description here: click here
Trojan.DNSChanger-Codec, description here: click here
As in the PCA thread, it re-appeared after removing it with SSBlaster but at least I now know the problem and what to do about it.
Hope this helps someone in the future.
Don't want to slate eMule as I never use it, but there are so many bad references to it on the Net I don't know why anyone would want to.

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