New BB, old dial up modem.

  Thomo1 18:28 08 Jan 05

Now on BB.

Re: the old dial up modem.

Is it sufficient ebough just to disable this, or is it a better safer option to just take it out completely??


Ps: on a side note. Since BB has been activated there is a little icon is my system tray that is for "Safely remove hardware".
When i click on it, it take me to a screen to remove my BB USB modem!!!!
Why is it here and how to i get it out of the system tray??


  Dennis1 18:30 08 Jan 05

As long as it's unplugged from the bt socket you're quite safe.

  Technotiger 18:32 08 Jan 05

Hi, I would advise complete removal of old modem. Do not try to remove icon from System Tray it is part of your new setup, this is a normal addition.

Cheers - Welcom to the Fastlane!!

  Dennis1 18:32 08 Jan 05

The remove hardware safely is for your usb devices,I don't know if you can or would want to get rid of it.

  Thomo1 18:37 08 Jan 05

its unplugged and i think i will just disable it for now just incase (fingers crossed) anything goes wrong with my BB.

thanks all.

  Graham ® 19:27 08 Jan 05

Right click the taskbar, Properties, check 'Hide inactive icons'.

  Jeffers22 19:31 08 Jan 05

Disconnect from phone plug is sufficient. Would not suggest removing from PC because if BB goes down you can still get onto net to access email etc without opening up the PC and re-installing the modem. Just a matter of plugging in and going back to dial up connection.

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