new batteries for mouse

  mufti 20:26 04 Nov 03

Hi everyone,can you tell me the correct type of batteries to use in my packard bell cordless mouse,thanks..

  flecc 20:30 04 Nov 03

Alkaline on any electrical gadget. Don't use rechargeables on microelectronics unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer of an item.

  Rayuk 20:42 04 Nov 03

Best if you look to see whats in it at the moment.

  Jack D 20:55 04 Nov 03

If it takes AAA's they will deliver a full 3v when new. Rechargeables will only deliver 2.4v - 2x1,2v, but infinitely cheaper.

  Wak 21:30 04 Nov 03

Hi Mufti, I have the same mouse and buy a card of AAA batteries from a stall in the market.
?1 for 24 batteries. You replace them quicker but it works out a lot cheaper.

  mufti 21:40 04 Nov 03

thanks so far for the advice, the original batteries were taken out and put aside for replacement, but along came mrs mufti. and that was that.A salesman in dixons sold me nikel hydride reghargeable, for dect phones, which I am hoping the mouses own station will charge o/k. thanks rayuk and jack d.

  mufti 21:45 04 Nov 03

thanks also to wak sounds like a good idea. and also fleccs advice is a good tip to remember. thanks again mufti.

  VoG II 21:46 04 Nov 03

I sympathise mufti.

If anything is "left out" that is not make-up or similar, Mrs VoG disposes of same. And then denies all knowledge!

  Jack D 21:52 04 Nov 03

If the mouse has a "station" it sounds like Mrs Mufti may have thrown out Rechargeables! Hit her with a Slap Stick.

  mufti 22:09 04 Nov 03

nice to hear from vog about similar happenings,sorry jack d not brave enough to retaliate, will tick this as resolved for now and post a short note in a couple of days when or if the nikel hydride batteries charge, or maybee the cheap ones will suffice, cheers from mufti.

  Jack D 22:15 04 Nov 03

If it is a cordless with a recharging station, DON'T use regular Alcalines, You must use Rechargeables, and NiMh are the best.

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