new base unit

  boon_intheuk 22:32 21 Sep 03

Hi, I have just bought a new base unit and I want to install WinME OS on it.
Do I need to format or partition the harddrive first? (It is a brand new 40 Gig drive). Thanks, Boon.

yes you will need to format and partition the drive.

  Djohn 00:12 22 Sep 03

click here to your other thread. I have put a link for you to download a boot floppy and how to use. Regards. j.

  CliffP 00:35 22 Sep 03

Personally, there is NO WAY I'd recommend you installing WinME...

  leo49 02:26 22 Sep 03

Go to the website of the manufacturer of your HDD and download the small utility most of them provide for just this purpose.You install this on a floppy, boot up with that and it 'll lead you by the hand through the formatting process far more efficiently and quickly than messing about with dos.

  philwane 08:09 22 Sep 03

There is nothing wrong with Win ME I ran it for years without any trouble.

  expertec 08:49 22 Sep 03

Why do so many people seem to hate Window$ ME?

  leo49 09:13 22 Sep 03

Absolutely right.

I've noticed over the last couple of years that the folk that used to have all the problems with ME are the same folk that now have problems with XP. Strangely enough they can't seem to identify the common denominator... :o)

  Mango Grummit 09:28 22 Sep 03

ME is a great OS. I have it on three machines currently and have never understood why so many people could not get on with it.

But I think leo has spotted it, the common denominator for the knockers must be bad luck I guess. On the other hand those of us who know nothing about computing and so use ME must enjoy more good luck than we deserve.

  pj123 11:52 22 Sep 03

I don't have a problem with ME either. I have 8 computers (I teach IT) all using Win 98SE. No problems with that either. I am not knocking XP but it does appear to me to be the O/S that has more problems on the Forum than any other O/S? But that could be because there are more people using XP than Win 98SE and Win ME.

  boon_intheuk 21:00 24 Sep 03

OK, I formatted the harddrive but could not remember how to partition it.
Trusting to luck rather than knowledge I proceeded to install Win ME, all went well and once the OS started I proceeded to install the drivers for all the onboard sound, graphics and also modem, this is when it started going wrong.
Every time I had a driver install or application open within a couple of minutes the system hangs or I would get an error message or a blue screen, meaning I had to close the application or restart the PC.
Can you install an OS if the harddisk is not partitioned? and might this be causing the problems I am having?
Also I istalled the drivers I mentioned individually before discovering that on the motherboard disk there was a program for installing them all in one go, could this be causing problems?

I would be grateful for any help or advice, Boon.

Motherboard is an ASROCK M810LMR
1300 Mhz Duron CPU
40 Gig HDD

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