New ATX PSU 650W+

  iqs 14:19 23 May 08

Hello,Can anyone recommend an ATX PSU which supplies at 28 amps across the rails please.

I would prefer a PSU which comes with at least 3+ SATA connectors and 2+ PCI connectors for the hungry Graphics Cards which are out there,and of course the normal MOLEX,berg etc etc.

Ps must be very very quiet please.

Kind regards,Mike

  crosstrainer 14:48 23 May 08

click here

Good company, used by many here, alway's freindly service.

  iqs 15:09 23 May 08

crosstrainer,and thanks for the help.

I have already looked at NOVATECH,but the PSU's I have looked at don't supply 28amps.

I require 28amps to power a BFG 8800GT 512MB OC PCI graphics card.
MY PSU only supplies 18amps.Unless I wrong about how the amps are calculated?.

My current Radeon 1950 pro is connected by a PCI P1 plug,which has 6 pins and 6 wires.It has 2 12v cables.

Does this mean the combined amperage is 28amps and will power the BFG,and 24 v.Or is this incorrect ?.


  iqs 15:10 23 May 08

say ...

Does this mean the combined amperage is 38amps and will power the BFG,and 24 v.Or is this incorrect ?.

  crosstrainer 16:16 23 May 08

Your card will be fine with a quality 650Watt PSU from that supplier, or your own choice. Ensure that it includes the extra power connecter for your card.

  iqs 17:30 23 May 08

I have e-mailed NOVATECH for their advice on which PSU they recommend with the BFG card.

Currently I have a Epsilon 600w PPA6000113 fitted,I thought that this PSU would be upto the job,never mind.Thanks for your help

  GaT7 18:38 23 May 08

No need for another PSU if you have an Epsilon 600w PPA6000113...

According to the BFG spec sheet click here, you need a 425w or better PSU with a combined 12V current of 28A or more.

Don't these cards draw their power from 2x 4-pin molex to 1x 6pin PCI-E connector? In this config, I'm not sure if the Amps double to 36, but I'm sure your Epsilon will be able to handle it with ease if connected as above. G

P.S. There are others who run a 8800GTX on that PSU click here & click here. I've also read about people using & mere 460W PSU (this case+PSU combo click here) to power a 8800GT

  citadel 18:41 23 May 08

650w dark power be quiet psu. review at

  GaT7 18:42 23 May 08

Also meant to say that that Epsilon 600w PSU is no 'mere' PSU. And if you notice one of them in the links above is running a BFG 8800GTX on it - as well as many other 'high-end' components. G

  iqs 19:32 23 May 08

and thanks for the help.

I have no spare molex connectors left to use.I have 2 PCI connectors(6pin),one is connected to the 1950PRO,the second is not being used.

I have noticed that my PSU is being used with the 8800,but how is it connected??.

I appreciate all the help the forum members are offering,cheers

  iqs 19:46 23 May 08

reply from BFG

Your power supply may work, the card requires a combined 12V current rating of
28A or more. You would add the 12v numbers together to find out the maximum
amperage supported. As long as those two numbers add up to more than 26, that
power supply should be fine to power this card.

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