New ASUS motherboard problem

  Blubottle 12 Oct 11

I have just upgraded my ageing PC based upon an ASUS M4A7TD usb/3 M/B. this board has an IDE on board connector> I have fitted a new sata drive partitioned it and installed win7 and XP in a dual boot, I have then connected my old IDE drive fully loaded XP with the intention of having the option of booting from this so I can transfer all data over, problem I cannot get it to boot from this IDE drive even though I have changed the boot option in the BIOS, I am now stumped, any idea's please regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Oct 11

*I have then connected my old IDE drive fully loaded XP I cannot get it to boot from this IDE drive even though I have changed the boot option in the BIOS*

This is because the drivers are for your old machine and not the new board

set it to boot from DVD first boot device and IDE as second, disconnect the SATA for the moment.

Boot from XP CD and do a repair install as this will then set the drivers for the new board into the old Xp installation.

Reset BIOS on completion to IDE as first boot device and it shoukd then boot into XP

  Jollyjohn 12 Oct 11

If you just want to transfer data then boot from your new setup with the ide drive connected and it should show a "connected device" then just drag and drop the data you want. e-mail settings etc are slightly more tricky but can also be brought across.

  Blubottle 13 Oct 11

many thanks both,

  Blubottle 14 Oct 11

Fruit bat.taking on board your advice, I decided to buy a couple of Bi-directional IDE Sata converters (IOMAH). problem when both HDD's are connected to the M/B nothing boots, I have removed both jumpers on the two IDE HDD's I am using, makes no difference. I have to unplug them from the M/B so the pc can boot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Oct 11

I think

you have to load drivers for them, so you cannot boot from a drive couple by one of these devices.

If you want to boot from a IDE drive it will have to be connected direct to the IDE socket on the motherboard.

  Blubottle 14 Oct 11

thanks, but they don't come with drivers it's supposed to be plug and play.

  Jollyjohn 15 Oct 11

If you simply want to get dat from your old ide hdd I would get a usb-ide adapter allow the new system to boot then plug in the adapter and your old drive will be seen as a removable drive.

If you do mange to get your new setup to boot from the old ide drive you may not be able to transfer data to your new drive.


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